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My sister-in-law Leslie found the site above. We've all looked for ourselves; my father and brothers are each one of half a dozen bearing their names, and one of my sisters is one of 5, but my little sister and I are supposedly unique. However, the site's results are clearly inexact, or at least imperfectly tabulated, because if I'm searching a name, chances are pretty good that it's mine. If they added the questions "Are you in the United States?", and "Are you searching your own name," they'd have to change the 0 to one, and in fact increase the number for each result by one, to include the searcher!



I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I know a better person would have resisted that title, but since Oregon State outscored USC today 33 to 31 in what was a bit of a nail-biter in the last quarter of the last quarter (the Trojans made up a 21 point deficit in the last 15 minutes of the game, which in this house led at least one of us to believe that Booty and Carroll would pull off some kind of miracle tie-to-overtime play), what more appropriate headline could there be?! I'm willing to bet you that the instant messages are flying in sportsrooms across the country with superior plays on words to the one I made, but they're pretty much all in the same vein, and none of them will be published,
'cause ain't nobody want to get fired just for being a smartass.

Say what you will, but a 27-game winning streak in the Pac-10 is nothing to sneeze at, and breaking it would be a credit to OSU except that it was largely a matter of SC having whoopsied the ball 4 times (agonizing, every time, and call me a softy but I feel SO bad for college qbs when that happens -- I always hope their moms are there to hug 'em and stuff) that got them there. Anyway, there's always next week. It's just a shame that ND spanked the ass offa Navy on the same day, is all.


Well, I guess it's time to get cracking on the cleanup!

We've invited my mom out for Thanksgiving with the McB's, and happily, she has accepted, but now it means we've got to actually whip the house into shape to receive anyone but us! Oh, don't get me wrong: I come by my slobbitude naturally, and it's not like Mom's rolling through here with white gloves on or anything even vaguely resembling a critical eye about housekeeping, but we're dangerously near the point where we should just apply for FEMA aid.

The issue, at base, is that we have too much stuff and I have too many hobbies (the pic above is just one example of the clutter: rolling dresser full of card/stationery-making materials, topped by fabric and needlepoint; the knitting boxes are below). Oh, and we have a shedload more books than any family of two really ought to have, although in fairness we have read them all -- or are planning to (sorry, Harry Potter, it's not that I've gone off you, but I've turned to more mature literature. I promise I'll be back), one of these days.I think I just need to put together a comprehensive list of small, discrete tasks and tackle them one hour at a time, with frequent breaks. That works, right? I mean, it's the premise of the Fly Lady that you can do anything if you manage your time properly! Maybe I should just have a nervous breakdown so we'll have more important things to focus on, like my fragile mental health!