I wish I were a better person

Am I alone in this? It's not like I think I'm a bad person, necessarily, because I have a lot of good qualities, and people like me, and whatnot, but I could really be so much better if only I weren't a capital L lazyass (that's Lazyass, if you're really monitoring this closely).

Sure, I work for a living, and I take language classes, and I do volunteer work and I'm learning how to quilt (and love giving my quilts away), but I am still a champion slacker, and always have been. My house is fairly clean but spectacularly untidy; not enough exercise and attention to healthy living is given every day; I neglect my writing and my e-mails appallingly, making friends, family and strangers alike wonder where the hell I've been. Remember the trip to Italy and London, from which we returned May 27? Still not blogged on TravelPod, despite weekly reminders from my stepmother. Getting the house ready to put on the market so we can move back to SF this year? Not even close. Shopping and cooking for the week every single Sunday so I don't have to stress during the week? Who am I, Betty Crocker?? Walking 45 minutes a night, regardless of what I'm reading or want to watch on the idiot box? Um, no.

Any motivational insights for me? Anything inspirational that's worked for you? All constructive thoughts are welcome.



So... it is with some mortification that I say happy birthday to Dan Radcliffe, whose attractiveness, I swear to you, did not hit me until I looked at his pix yesterday, on what was, thankfully, his 18th birthday. Yes, yes, it's still skeevy that a woman of my advanced age thinks an 18 year old boy (ok, "man," but it's a bit of a stretch) is adorable. And I'm not talking the dandle-him-on-my-knee kind of adorable, either. Don't worry: I'm still George's girl at heart (and Bryan's girl, in reality, corporeally, and whatnot), but my my my what a cute cutie the lad is.

(Bad picture deliberate b/c I don't want to go overboard here.)


Odd couples

... in more ways than one, but I'm not referring to Mr. Cruise's alleged sexual preferences (or to Mr. Smith and Ms. Pinkett's, for that matter, but you're free to speculate on those on your own time), but just to the relative stature of their spouses: doesn't it look to you like Katie and Will would be more physiologically appropriate for one another, height-wise, as would Jada and Tom? Victoria and David size up all right, plus they actually seem to have a solid marriage, which I'm just old-fashioned and mushy enough to welcome and applaud, particularly amidst both the sporting and entertainment worlds. Wait... should I have put "entertainment" in quotes? Mayhap....

That's all I've got. Welcome, Posh & Becks and your cute little boys.