Packed and ready to go

Still scared of flying, of course, but strangely, looking forward to going to London for the arbitration. I haven't been to trial in about 6 years, and I was really quite good at it, and am kind of excited to do it, now that I don't do it any more on anything resembling a regular basis. It seems like everything's lined up ok (now that I've gotten over my rage at certain peoples' outrageously prima-donna-esque behavior), and it will be good to see Eli and Rob and Connie and all the other cats over there, although I bet we'll be working a ton. Still, there might be some lulls, for poking around London. Aaaah, London!

I leave tomorrow at 5:30, arriving Tuesday at noon-ish. I'll go to the hotel to shower so I don't knock anyone over, then to the office in Canary Wharf. I'm soooo happy I'll get to hang with Mikaal and Rangana this trip.... Well, I guess I'm thinking I'll see them; we'll see how it turns out.


Since I Have Known You I Have Little Heed (John Barlas, aka Evelyn Douglas)

Since I have known you I have little heed
For care or pain or fear. While we two live
Present or absent, we can richly give
Peace to each other. Hearts will run to weed
Like ruined gardens, scanted of love's seed.
Not ours: there sun and rain, restorative,
Awake the flowers; there heavenly smiles forgive
The errors of the rankest growth they breed.
Ah, love me ever: pardon every wrong
That makes thy garden look less beautiful,
Even our love my soul should free of tares--
A slothful husbandman, whose idle song
Alas too often leaves the rich soil dull,
Stealing its dues of toil: but love forbears.