You got me straight trippin', Boo.

I don't have the faintest idea what the hell Ebonics is, except liberal-sanctioned license to use crap grammar in school, but I sure do love the pseudo-gangsta cant in which my friends and I indulge to be funny. The line above, as anyone who wasted $5 or $8.50 to see Bringin' Down the House (thank you Di-whose-blog-can-be-found-here-if-you're-assiduous-in-your-searching) can tell you, was uttered by Eugene Levy -- excuse me, the inimitable Eugene Levy -- to Queen Latifah.

My friend Dana ("Dawg") calls me "G". Makes me giggle. See, apart from being Jewish, and thereby somewhat "ethnic" in some people's minds, I'm really pretty much the whitest whitey ever. Ancestry solidly English, Irish, Scottish, Russian and Polish. White like Casper. Which is fine, and which is not to say that anyone who is or isn't whatever hue or shade or stripe shouldn't talk exactly the way they want to, but it makes "ghetto" or "gangsta" really funny to me, when we indulge in it. Which we do daily, playah.

Ok, so there it is. My first post. See you soon.