It's a world of girls and a world of boys....

This is TOO small-world, people, it really is.

I'm driving up 101 (nightmare) to SF tonight for my French classes, and am behind a gold Volvo for awhile, with the license plate MMYBLOG. Naturally, I think of the thus-titled blog, and thought, "I have to e-mail Mindy!!!" I was literally composing an e-mail in my head, working up a full head of indignant steam, because I could see that the driver was dark-haired (and therefore not blonde Mindy). It would have begun "Some jumped-up poseur is driving your license plate around!! Should I ram 'em?!"

But THEN: we exited at the same place and I realized that "Mr. X," aka Mindy's teacher-chef boyfriend *Phil* was the dark-haired NON-jumped-up, NON-poseur at the wheel. They got behind me, and I could see that Mindy was in the passenger seat, so I waved in my rearview mirror, rather madly. Phil waved back.

We got onto Van Ness and pulled up at a light next to each other. I waved and rolled down my window, and so did she (so trusting, for a city girl), and I yelled, "it's DEW!" and she yelled, "SHUT UP!!! Is it really you?!!! So nice to MEET you!" (Because, you know, we've only been exchanging e-mails for three years or so, but here we are, crossing paths IRL!!) And we grinned at each other like idiots for a moment or two, exchanged "what are you doing here's?!" and then bowed to the pressures of traffic to separate and go our merry ways.



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