What the FRIZZLE?!!

Gawd Almighty! I think we can all agree that Keri Russell is a lovely, lovely woman. And the dress, while perhaps in need of either slightly larger girls or perhaps those chicken cutlet thingies (or even, may I say, something resembling a gel-padded bra?), is nevertheless darling as well. But what the .... is goin' on with the 'do?!?!! Keri. Honey. Red carpet, sweetie. Dressed up, darling. Go the whole way and do the hair, ok? Let's not allow our beautiful selves to be photographed and immortalized looking as though we'd just rolled out of bed or come rushing over from our second job as a windsock at Teterboro!

Yeesh. Y'all just know she saw those pix this morning (on the Fashion Wear Daily site) and fired some stylist.


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