Reflection on love gone wrong

Y'all know my parents were separated just before I was born (or don't, but they were) and got divorced when I was 4 1/2, and had a contentious and difficult relationship until they stopped having one at all, back in '89. I've never really regretted their not being married, because I swan you'd have a tough time finding people more dissimilar than my parents, for all their general wonderfulness and assorted amusements as individuals, so I just can't picture them married. I was looking for James Taylor lyrics tonight ("There We Are") and found this article profiling James and Carly Simon's son Ben. I know it's soupy, and ridiculous, but it made me so sad to read that James and Carly don't talk, even 25 years after their divorce. It just makes me sad. (Find "There We Are" and listen to it, and tell me it doesn't give you a little pang too, you heartless fiend!!!)



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