Lights out at 11....lights out at 11.

Not for nothing, but Rainman apparently works in my office, in the janitorial services contractor's employ.

You know that scene in the excellently-creepy Julia Roberts/Patrick Bergin film Sleeping With The Enemy, where she gets out of the shower in her new house, far away from the abusive husband whom she's left to think she was dead, and her towels are all straightened out (the way the psycho used to do) and she runs down to the kitchen, which she'd left kind of messy just before her shower, and all the food is stacked evenly in the pantry, with all the labels facing the same way (just like the psycho used to do)??? Well, Jan and I were in the kitchen at work today, gettin' our snack on and brewing some tea, and we noticed that all the little plastic drawers in which the cocoa, sugar substitutes, stirrers, and three different kinds of non-dairy creamer cups are housed were all arranged in perfect symmetry and with everything facing the same way and aligned with T-square precision, etc. I gasped, and said to Jan, "Remember that..." and she finished, "Julia Roberts movie with the crazy husband she left to think she had drowned in the ocean?!?!!!!!" and we looked at each other, and looked around, in case Patrick Bergin was there. He wasn't, but just as a test, I took creamers out from three of the drawers, 1 from one, 2 from another and 3 from the third, in all different places. Went back 2 hours later: CREAMERS REPLACED!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

Judge Wapner comes on at 4:00. Gotta watch Wapner....


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