all even, yes, what, what?

So last week I read that Martha was denied entry to the UK because of her pesky little felony conviction for obstruction of justice. Now I read that Boy George can't come here, what with his pesky string of drug and solicitation and general disorderliness convictions, as well as his pending trial for assault and false imprisonment....

Fair's fair; maybe Martha can sing his tour dates.

p.s. We are TOTALLY keeping the yummy and hilarious Craig Ferguson, but what say we give 'em Jimmy Kimmel? Maybe we can get Billy Connolly and trade Craig Kilbourn for him?


Top of the line

Now, y'all might know some cute babies and whatnot, but I think you'll have to agree that this is a prime specimen of adorability, no?



Even if you don't support the same candidate I do, please vote!!!


Warholian hello

Hello readers! Long time no see -- I have about 11 posts to review and edit before posting -- our topics range from Hollywood shenanigans, to political babble, to style critiques, to my Patriots' collapse in the SuperBowl, but I've just come online today to post the following and bid you a bientot.


It's a world of girls and a world of boys....

This is TOO small-world, people, it really is.

I'm driving up 101 (nightmare) to SF tonight for my French classes, and am behind a gold Volvo for awhile, with the license plate MMYBLOG. Naturally, I think of the thus-titled blog, and thought, "I have to e-mail Mindy!!!" I was literally composing an e-mail in my head, working up a full head of indignant steam, because I could see that the driver was dark-haired (and therefore not blonde Mindy). It would have begun "Some jumped-up poseur is driving your license plate around!! Should I ram 'em?!"

But THEN: we exited at the same place and I realized that "Mr. X," aka Mindy's teacher-chef boyfriend *Phil* was the dark-haired NON-jumped-up, NON-poseur at the wheel. They got behind me, and I could see that Mindy was in the passenger seat, so I waved in my rearview mirror, rather madly. Phil waved back.

We got onto Van Ness and pulled up at a light next to each other. I waved and rolled down my window, and so did she (so trusting, for a city girl), and I yelled, "it's DEW!" and she yelled, "SHUT UP!!! Is it really you?!!! So nice to MEET you!" (Because, you know, we've only been exchanging e-mails for three years or so, but here we are, crossing paths IRL!!) And we grinned at each other like idiots for a moment or two, exchanged "what are you doing here's?!" and then bowed to the pressures of traffic to separate and go our merry ways.



Julia Roberts irks me...

Talkin' 'bout how she wants to move Britney Spears into her guesthouse and tell her what's what.... Talkin' 'bout her perfect marriage with her soulmate and blah blah.... Lookit. First of all, I'm not denying that Miz Brit is a capital T Train WRECK, and suspect, in fact, that someone taking over her life at this point might not be the best med'cine for whatever ails her, but Julia Roberts?? Stop it. You've been a mom for all of three years, and your life experience hasn't prepared you for what's going on with Ms. Spears. Second of all, shut up about your marriage, 'cause last time I checked, your "soulmate" was MARRIED. TO. SOMEONE. ELSE. when you met him, Smuggerella. And you went so far, when his WIFE actually OBJECTED to his shagging you while still MARRIED to her, as to sport a klassy t-shirt reading "A LOW VERA" (ref: Vera Moder) to imply that SHE was the one behaving badly. Not that I wish ill on her, but I have in mind the very old Ann Landers (or maybe Dear Abby) chestnut about a man who marries his mistress: "Once he's remarried, the position of mistress is once again vacant." I just don't know whether I'd be so sanguine about my perfect love if he'd already proven himself to be an adulterer. It isn't that people can't and don't change, of course, and certainly not that everyone is in the right marriage the first time (or even the second or third time, I guess, depending on how impetuously people get married!), just that I don't know how complacent and braggy I'd be, is all.


Welcome baby!!! (Not mine, more's the pity.)

Introducing our new niece, AJD, born this afternoon at 2:09 at a healthy 7 lbs 8 oz! Congratulations J and L!



Sorry for the gloating, but the ubiquitous Peyton gets on my nerves, so I'm happy that Tommy and the Pats gave them what for, even if it was a bit of a nail-biting fourth quarter. If only some of PM's endorsements would fall off, I'd be a really happy girl.

Apart from today's highlight, which is, after all, only sports, this was a tough week. I moved back up north Wednesday but B is still at home, an hour flight away (or a six hour drive, but let's not be negative). Although I am having a great time with A and my godsons (not that I've done a thing with the cottage, but I keep meaning to... does that count?), I am homesick for B, and he for me. He did (FINALLY) talk to the firm about the move and trying to figure out how to stay employed, whether as a contract employee or a remote full-timer, but no news yet. In spite of his doubts, I'm pretty sure they'll want him to stay on; they've already said they want him to do this project for some clients in London, and it's high-profile enough that I imagine their interest in giving it to him is indicative of their interest in not losing his giant brain on their cases and advisory matters. Plus which the majority of his trial work and discovery hearings have been in SF for the past four years, so it's not like it's a stretch to be up in the Bay Area. Save them a buncha airfare!



APRIL 18 - OCTOBER 28, 2007, what a run, boys, WHAT A RUN!!!!!

This should tide you over

Sorry, readers, for not posting everything I've written in the past two months -- it's all waiting to be proofread and edited -- you know what a freak I am about spelling and grammar, and that I won't let it on the Internets without a final going over, so kindly forgive me. I'd hate the five of you to form some sort of committee to kick me out of the blogosphere! Anyway, here's what's percolating today, for your perusal:

My Sox are winning (for now), my Pats are winning (for now), and the world keeps turning (for n... ha!). I am moving up north on Wednesday (OMG, I LOVE HALLOWEEN!!!) but B is not moving with me at the same time, which is stressing me out bigtime (turns out conception requires cohabitation, for the most part, or at least, you know, some reasonable facsimile thereof!) and making me sad because I will be away from him during the weeks. Boooo. However, I am trying really really really hard not to be a cliched nagging wife about the whole thing, and am leaving it to him to settle his professional affairs one way or the other and make his way to me. We have to figure out what to do with the house, but I'm happy to say that he's begun to see reason and agree with me that we have to rent it out -- if only to put money in the kitty for our future fabulous pad in SF!

Saving money, saving money, saving money. All the more vital now that a) my car has now had $5000 of work done in 2007 and her Blue Book value is LESS. THAN. THAT. b) I might need a new car after all and c) I have an apparently ungovernable obsession for fabric. I drove Hogan to the airport today to pick up his rental car for the two days after the movers pick up his car and take it to VA, and on the way back went to Jenny's.... Well. If you can spend two hours shopping for 32 yards of fabric, you've got a problem, my dears. But on the bright side, that 32 yards, plus a Kwik Klip, plus tassels for some antique keys I bought in Portobello Road, plus quilting safety pins, only cost $75. Considering the vast majority of my fabric purchases are for material that runs $7.99-$9.49 a yard, my day's picks of $1.69/yd, $2.49/yd and $2.99/yd are looking pretty darned good.

It also doesn't help that I'm trying to figure out how to furnish a small house (A's guest cottage) where we'll be living for at least the next year -- did I mention that some of the fabric I bought was for window coverings?? I'm not sure how much of our furniture will fit or how well it will fit, so I'm sort of thinking the Ikea route is the way to go, especially if I can convince A to buy the items I buy now, after we leave, so the place will be partially furnished when she rents it out again! I will get in there Thursday and measure and cogitate, but for now I'm just excited that I found these wicked pissa (albeit totally phallic) hooks and a coupon for same! Sadly, surfing for storage and shelving solutions also led me to Piegato, whose incredibly cool shelfy thing I would buy four of, if each weren't whatever 129 Euros converts to in dollars these days!

OK, I'm off to go pin my cowboy quilt.