WOW!!!! Hip hip HOORAY!!!

I'd like to thank the Academy!!! Crash just won best picture, and I am thoroughly chuffed!!! As you saw from my post about Brokeback vs. Crash, I think the best picture really did win, and I am delighted. Congratulations to Paul Haggis and company, and to all the wonderful performers in the movie for their excellent work. And how cute is it that Best Actress and actor in Best Picture get to celebrate both their movies?? Too cute!! Aaaaahhhh, show bizness.

Also, a special shout out to my "boyfriend," George Clooney, whose Oscar for best supporting actor not only recognizes that he really is a fine workman in front of the lens (as well as behind the camera), but virtually guarantees that he'll be back next year presenting the best supporting actress award, so WOO HOO HOO, baaaaaabyyyyyy! Apart from George's obvious adorableness in the corporeal sense (which is considerable), his terrific self-deprecating and mischievous sense of humor, profound uprightness, and the candor and joy with which he lives his life delight me and cement his overall status as uber-mensch. I love it when good things happen to good people. Go, George, go! Be big! Be great! Make excellent movies!!

Finally, dang it, now I have to go see Capote, Walk the Line, Tsotsi, The Constant Gardener, Hustle & Flow and Mrs. Henderson Presents. No time! Too much pressure!!


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