Attractive nuisance!

That's actually what I call the huz, frequently, when he parades his irresistible self in front of me and then has the audacity to complain when I grab his ass. Please. Save it for someone else, brother! You know you're my sweet sweet candy, honey bunny, and I gotta grab ya!

However, the huz is not the attractive nuisance about which I write today, still recuperating at a glacial pace from the strep throat and sinus infection that felled me Monday night. As you may recall, I was "the cookie lady" at Gabriela's party on Saturday, and the place was crawling (as might be expected at a 2-year-old's birthday) with little kids. I love kids! I love babies, I love toddlers, I love little kids, big kids, even teenagers (although they admittedly work your last nerve like it's a hobby, don't they?!?!). And kids like me, which is good. They swarm around, even when I'm not the cookie lady, really. Well, there's a downside: One of more of those little cuties was a germ-infested time bomb whose virulent output I caught. Ugh.

I haven't had strep throat since high school, people!!! OMG, my throat feels like I'm swallowing a mouthful of razorblades and glass splinters even when I'm only drinking water, for Gawd's sake. Not nice. The antibiotics are working their slow magic, but I'm still running quite a nice little fever for myself, and sound like a cartoon character. Waaaaah! Hey. Maybe I'm the attractive nuisance....

What the hell am I doing here?!! Ellen is on!!!


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