Two shiny pennies' worth....

So, you may have guessed that I tend to vote for Democrats more than Republicans, although I have pretty conservative views on things like crime and punishment. Raised in Massachusetts and educated through 12th grade in public schools, I'm a big proponent of things like Head Start and WIC and food stamps, workfare, decent pay for teachers, etc. I do want to know where the money's coming from for those things, however, and am not content for the government to pay for everything (and I'm not just saying that because we're in just about the highest tax bracket), so I guess that makes me socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but anyway....

I find myself troubled by Hillary's declared intention to run for President. While I'm certainly far (far far) from convinced that Barack Obama is experienced enough (or, frankly, even old enough) to be considered a viable candidate for the Presidency, and I'm not sure yet whose candidacy I might support to make up a Democratic ticket, I'm pretty convinced that Hillary is not going to get it done. Her hard work and coalition building in the Senate, as well as her demonstrated moderate stances on some key issues aside, she's sure to be the flashpoint for all the zealots and nutcases to come crawling back out of the woodwork to smear her, both on her own account and her husband's. [Funnily enough, she gets a lot of sneering derision from the Bible Belt folks and the Christian right who really ought to hold her up as the epitome of honor and morality in the central relationship of her life: her marriage. People, if this chick doesn't take vows seriously, I don't know who does. That man cheated on her repeatedly (let's not kid ourselves, ok?), and humiliated her in public on a global scale, and yet she not only stood by him, but seems to genuinely love him, flaws and all. She made a commitment, and she honors it. Religious or not, I daresay not many wives would put up with similar treatment and stay.]

I don't know who the Republicans will put up against the Democratic candidate (although it obviously
won't be ol' shoot-'em-in-the-face Captain Coronary), but I am almost certain that whoever it is (especially if it's McCain) will trounce Hillary. It is my firm belief that no one wants to see the Clinton family back in the White House, if anyone even believes such a thing is possible. I think she'll be used as a scapegoat for all the Clinton-haters out there (and they are legion), and her candidacy has the potential to really hurt the Democratic Party.


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