Justice denied

So now the accuser in the Duke so-called "rape" case has changed her story yet again. I won't bother posting a link because I'm certain you've already read about it. Turns out that she was wrong on the time (fair enough) and turns out that Reade Seligman was an observer, she now says, not a participant. Also? During the time the alleged assault took place? A passing neighbor saw her and the other dancer arrive -- this means that they were in the house for a grand total of one hour, not two, and there are multiple cell phone calls and digital pix with time stamps on them, showing that she was never not in the room with the lacrosse team audience for more than 5 minutes. Oh, and her dancing partner spoke up about a month ago and said that she and the accuser were never apart for more than 3 to 5 minutes the entire night -- and how would she know? Well, she was the designated driver and was the sober one that evening, not to mention the one without a history of psychological problems.

Nifong has already been censured and is under investigation by the NC bar. This case already stinks to high heaven of an ill-intentioned ploy to get re-elected in Durham, where without the black vote, you do not get elected. Now this? This is a travesty, people, and it is especially dangerous for the future of real rape cases, which will be tainted by this nonsensical farce in future, as people find themselves wondering whether there, too, an overzealous and duplicitous district attorney, ignoring DNA evidence, police reports, victim and witness interviews, cell phone logs, time-stamped digital photos, and all other credible exculpatory facts, will press on, press on, for political gain.

If you know me, you know for a fact that I am hardly an apologist for drunken frat boys or someone who doesn't recognize that racism is a fact in far too many situations in this country. But none of my personal feelings or sympathy for victims of sexual assault (or racist attacks, for that matter) change the fundamentals of the prosecution of Colin Finnerty, Reade Seligman, and David Evans in this case: it is wrong.

By the by, the defendants' parents are going to be on 60 Minutes tomorrow night; I know I'll be watching. What those families are going through is insane.


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