Tempus fugit, people, so why fight it?

Happy end-of-2006, or if you don't mind me being a little early (in this time zone, anyway), happy new year!!

This is a funny 12/31 for me, because in just 5 short days, I'm turning 40. FORTY. That's a big fucking number, people, and while I recognize that the alternative is far less palatable than getting older, I'm nevertheless struggling with the looming event. It's not that I feel forty (which may be part of the struggle: how can I be 40 if I'm so immature??), nor that I look forty (honestly, I don't!), nor certainly that I'm unhappy with my life's path and "achievements" to date, but I suppose it really boils down to not having children yet. I'm quite long in the tooth to be starting a family, and am of course worried about allllllll the implications of the delay, but it is what it is, after all, and it's not like I can rewind the clock and do things differently. We're just going to press forward
now and pray for the results we seek: at least one healthy child. Think positive thoughts for us, will you?

And to you and yours, I wish a healthy, happy, fun, funny, and prosperous 2007. Be good to yourselves, and be good to others. Peace.


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