I know! I kinda thought the number would be higher, too....

In news that should surprise few if any of you reading this, I am 20.11834% geek, according to a test I just took online. To prove my 1/5 Geek nature, I offer you this:

i am a geek

Once upon a time I took a brief HTML programming mini-course, and remember just enough of it, I think, to have nudged me over the 20% mark. It's ok; apart from the computer stuff, I suspect the Huz is waaaaay geekier than I am, which explains why we're happy together. The ones to pity are the future progeny, really, for so many reasons. Oh well. Tant pis for them, as the French say. All right, for the sticklers, "Tant pis pour eux" would really be what the French would say, if they used that phrase. They use the "tant pis" part (which, in case you're not getting this, means "tough luck", in a nutshell), but I don't think they extend it. One of my frustrations with my almost-fluency, I have to say, is just that sort of thing: not knowing all the argot or idiomatic expressions.

On that topic, actually, here's something I guess I'm lucky the geek test didn't cover: I often find myself at the library or bookstore just completely paralyzed by the thought of how much there is to know in the world that I will never know. Stuff that I couldn't know if I did nothing but read from now 'til the end of the next 50 years or so. Stuff about which I wouldn't have known much more if I'd started reading at 3 and kept on, doing nothing else whatsoever for this lifetime and 20 more. It just stuns me. Bums me out a little, to tell the truth, which I readily acknowledge is weird. I wonder where the "Are You Weird?" test is, but on the other hand, I suspect that what with the kind of freaks who populate the Interweb, I'm pretty sure I don't want to see anyone's results on that one, not to mention the kinds of questions they'd no doubt pose -- gah!!

So while I really should edit and post about 4 entries from July, I'm going to fold the laundry and pack my bag instead and go to bed in 20 minutes. You heard me. Kiss, kiss, y'all. Have a lovely weekend. Come back and tell me how geeky you are!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lynne - I merely have geekish tendencies (10.65%) and barely made it beyond "poser" only because I checked all the bonus boxes. I couldn't even get arrested at a geek party. D~

5:14 PM  

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