Headline of the week

I know it's only Monday, but I suspect there won't be serious competition for this one anytime soon:

Hundreds expected to come to Masturbate-a-thon

Uh.... Shouldn't that be "at"....?
The story is actually about a fundraiser in London, at which, um, well, you raise money with self-induced Os, I gather. Pleasure yourself to raise money for a reproductive health charity. Rules include no touching anyone else and no faking it. OK, I can see policing the former, but the latter? Are they hookin' you up to a polygraph? Are there color commentators doing a play-by-play? "I don't know about you, Bud, but I'm thinking the hippie chick over there is just too tired to go on; there was an artificial quality to that last moan ... seems to me overdone. Let's go to the replay...." "John, you're exactly on the money; I saw the fatigue, as well, and noted movement in the crowd that suggested her boyfriend was ready to go home and take part in the festivities. Spectator interference is one of this competition's biggest challenges, no doubt about it." "Back to you in the studio, Chrissie."

I find I'm mostly amused at the notion of [the notoriously] buttoned-up Brits breaking one off for a good cause, or otherwise. Rule, Beattania.


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