You say you believe in it, but you really don't

So there's this follow-up article in Newsweek about the article they ran 20 years ago about how unlikely it was that women over 35 will ever get married -- nigh unto impossible if you waited 'til you were 40, etc. Interesting piece, especially where they've tracked down the original 29-to-40 year old women and re-interviewed them both about what they now think of what they said then and about where they are in their interpersonal lives, but a quote from one of the dudes interviewed 20 years ago just hit me like a brick, and I thought I'd share it because of its refreshingly clue-free perspective on "equality":
Behind the mutual recriminations is a good deal of uncertainty over how to proceed without the old rules in place. In principle, postfeminist men say they admire professional women. But when it comes down to it, many men don't want to put up with the hassles of a two-career family. "I believe in equality but I want a more traditional relationship," says Rick Kurson, 33, a stockbroker in Boston. "I want to come home to a dinner, not to an empty house."

Really, Rick? Then why don't you get your happy ass home at a reasonable hour (the markets close at 4:30, dear, plenty of time to get that marketing done and still be home by 6) and cook dinner with that special someone, hm? Otherwise, it sure as hell sounds to me like you're casting yourself in the Ward Cleaver role, striding manfully into a well-kept house where June's got a pot roast in the oven and the kids are scrubbed up to be presentable for Dear Ol' Dad. Honey, that's not equality. That means you've spent the day at the office, doing deals, talking on the phone, going out for lunch and a shoeshine, and reading the paper while you take your morning crap, while the Mrs. has been home all day doing every damned thing that needs doing around there, OR, if you really are a believer in equality, it means that she's out working for a living and STILL has to come home and fetch your fucking slippers and cook your dinner and probably do 70% or more of the housework. That's bullshit, is what that is, my backward friend, but what it isn't is equality, by any damned stretch of what is obviously your limited imagination.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you! I was offended by that comment too! I'm glad you said something about it. You are so right!

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take it Mr. Rick isn't married. Figures.

7:41 PM  

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