Nice squirrel, but keep your acorns to yourself, pal

[Preliminary note: I struggled with the naming of this post, and the title is the winner by a hairsbreadth over "Gives 'hung like a chipmunk' a whole new dimension."]

Apparently, there's competition for Liverpool's "serial streaker," who is compelled to air his giblets in public fora (pubLic, I said!). T
his nutter (who was identified by a Yorkshire daily as Mark Roberts, but can't be Roberts unless he's gained about 40 lbs since the Super Bowl) chose St. Andrew's yesterday to display his shortcomings:

These people need to keep their freakin' wits (not to mention their TROUSERS) about them, ok?! Yes, for those of you unclear on what's depicted here, those are tearaway trews and a stuffed squirrel (STUFFED SQUIRREL -- baaaaaaaahahahahahahaha -- that's really funny if you know that the British say "Get stuffed" when we would say "Fuck you" -- see? "Stuffed" is like "fucked".... No? Ok, it's me; I laughed) tied around his wedding tackle. This spectacularly unlovely specimen (why isn't it ever the young hot guys who streak???) disrupted the British Open, but was, as you can see, subdued.


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