Everrrry duke & earl & peer is here, everyone who should be here is here....

It may be because I love love love hats, period (I have a "hat face"); it may be because I'm a total sucker for royalty (I know, I know, it's quite mad); it may be because an early (and current) favorite of mine was My Fair Lady, whose soundtrack, in case you're wondering, I do know by heart (and from which I do an especially nice "Wouldn't It Be Loverly?", playing most mornings in our master bath), but whatever the reason, I love Ascot. That's the horse races at Ascot and especially the special day when the Royal Enclosure is opened and the Queen and her posse show up in splashtacular headgear. Here, without further ado, some samples from this year's outing last week.




Y'all, even the Queen (not known so much for her fashion sense or, er, taste) looked right fetching!!

Snappy lid, Liz. You go on with your Royal self!!


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