In the words of my mother....

...who may be a pain in my ass sometimes but is nevertheless very very smart and very funny: "Donne-moi une fucking break."

Didja see this nonsense??? Sending Al Sharpton anywhere to promote racial harmony is kinda like sending a megatonne of kerosene to put out a fire. Two words, friends, Tawanna Brawley. Google it. It's basically the repulsive and hateful story of how the "Reverend" (GAG ME) Sharpton put a teenaged girl up to a false story of rape and assault, and pursued it so far as to ruin the careers and possibly the lives of several innocent people. For which, mind you, Mr. Sharpton has never apologized or done any more to make amends than the courts in New York State have made him do. He is utterly without shame, scruple, or soul, and his ascent to the national stage of the DNC is almost enough to make me switch teams. (No, no, I'm not talking about that team, goofballs. Other side of the political fence.) (Note that I say almost. If his candidacy ever amounts to anything, I'm going to give a lot of money to whatever forces assemble to defeat him and air the specter of what he did.) He's so disgusting that the deliberate failure of some people in public life whom I otherwise respect and admire to completely disavow him poisons the whole Left, and moderates as well. Al Sharpton: Hypocrite. Anti-Semite. Inciter. Hater. Despicable toad. Odious pustule. Can you tell that I detest Al? I know sometimes it's hard to decipher my cagey metaphors and whatnot, but you're a good reader, so you'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the effort. Kiss, kiss.


Blogger Stewed Hamm said...

Your mom's got style. If I had any friends that didn't beat someone's ass when they broke into french, I'd totally steal that line.

My favorite part of the article is this quote from Al:
"We cannot turn on each other at a time that there are those that exploit, oppress and suppress all of us... for instance, me."

11:48 PM  

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