Confessions of a closet nerd....

Yes, yes, wiseasses, I know that more than one of you is saying "'Closet'? pshhhhh, who does she think she's been fooling?!" Shaddup. I might be nerdy, but I am still fun as HELL, damn it!!

Anywho.... Guess where I was at 9 this morning? That's right, fellow bibliophiles: at Barnes & Noble down the hill, buying my reserrrrrrrved copy of Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince. Woo hoo!! Goooooooo Jo!!! I admire her more for the amazing influence she's had on kids' reading in general than for her books, although I have enjoyed all 5 immensely (I'm saving the newest to read after I re-read Order of the Phoenix, and I've got a stack of other stuff to get to before that. Actually, this leads to a small digression: does it freak you out as much as it does me to contemplate how much stuff there is in the world that you don't know about and will never have time in your life to learn? I go into the library sometimes and am staggered by how much is there, and by the further rumination about the volume of knowledge I'll never have. Sad, really). I just think that the huuuuuuge popularity of her books has probably done more for readers aged 7 to 15 than any other author in our lifetime. And I'm willing to bet that her fantastic stories have led kids to read Lloyd Alexander and any number of other really talented but largely unheralded fantasy and mystery writers for kids, and that's always a good thing, in my book (*snicker* at my own awful pun).


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