Uh...I'm not judging, here, but maybe someone should sleep on the couch....

Peep this: woman stabs husband with pen, hits him with dumbbell, trying to wake him. She says she just wanted him to turn on his side. Me, I think she's a) not playing with a full deck and b) expressing an awful lot of pent up hostility for a little snoring. Believe me, I know whereof I speak, because DH is a very loud snorer (in less kind moments, I have likened the marital bed to a sawmill, with all the attendant sound effects thereof), but if an elbow doesn't work, I get up and go sleep in the guestroom. Simple solution, but maybe I'm minimizing her plight.... NOT. She's got no plight. She's got a husband with sleep apnea, no doubt, and a burgeoning mental problem of her own, evidently, but with some anger management (for her), Breathe Right nose strips (for the buzzsaw), and a Benadryl at night (for her again), perhaps this marriage can be saved.


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