Warning: do not read if you've got a delicate constitution

This here? This is what evil looks like. Pure, unadulterated evil. Karla Teale, for those of you in Canadia: watch out for her, because she is the Devil in quasi-human form. I'll leave it to you to track back the links or search Google for Homolka, her former last name before she left prison after a terrifyingly short 12-year sentence -- you see, she was allowed by Canadian prosecutors to plea-bargain in exchange for testifying against her husband, with whom she had killed three teenaged girls, including her own sister. It was only afterwards that she gave police and prosecutors the videotapes she and Paul Bernardo (her husband, the rapist and murderer) had made of their crimes.

It makes my skin crawl to think that there are people like this alive and walking around free; I don't care if it costs me all my liberal cred, but Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo are poster children for a death penalty. (Yes, yes, I am speaking in the heat of the moment, and I understand how inequitably the death penalty is applied, and I'm well aware of what's happened in Illinois and other places where cases have been re-investigated, but I think there are still times when there's no better solution. Why should these people continue to exist???) Evidence they made themselves shows what they did and the glee they took in doing it; who better to die at the hands of the state? Heck, don't even give the state the chance: just turn them over to the parents of the girls they kidnapped, raped and murdered. I daresay that's a fairer solution, anyway.


Blogger Stewed Hamm said...

Chris Rock (of all people) said it best: Just take them out into the prison yard, and whatever happens, happens.
However, it sounds like she's got a famous enough face that she won't really be able to go anywhere in Canada without someone knowing about it. Thanks in large part, to those meddling bloggers... and their dog too!

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