Me, Babs, Diane Lane: you know, all the stars

So B-I-L is a playwright and actor, and his best friend's very good friend is the handsome and entertaining Josh Brolin, who has just joined B-I-L and BF's little theater company in Los Angeles. They're actually going to move the company in a new direction, preserving the old self-produced, self-written stuff they've been doing for the past 10 years and adding a new dimension in performing other peoples' work now (Sam Shepard and others, for example, are interested in letting the new company perform their works).

So last night we went to the company's play, a fictionalized series of vignettes from the life of the founding member of AC/DC -- whose name, I am embarrassed to say, escapes me at the moment -- Angus Something? A Scotsman by way of Oz? Anyway, interesting show, albeit with spotty moments -- some of the company's actors are not quite of the caliber of most of the company, and their work is sort of glaring in the midst of the good work. B-I-L and BF were justifiably proud of their writing, and Josh proud of his direction and contributions to the production.

Not surprisingly, Josh's wife, Diane Lane, and his dad, Jim, and stepmother, Barbra (no last name needed, right?) were there for the display. We pretty much avoided Jim and Barbra (her assistant had called making all kinds of mad requests for isolation and privacy, none of which could be accommodated given the size and layout of the theater, but I took that to mean she would rather be left alone), but we got to talk with Josh and Diane and their adorable daughters (who are both 12 or just 13). Lovely people. Diane seems a little high-strung, but Josh is a sweet mellow guy with a good sense of humor. In "bigger" celebrity news, Sam Shepard had been at the show Friday night, which B and I were both far more starstruck by, and had sat and chatted with my M-I-L for a long time, which knocked us out.

Anyway, it was fun, and kind of neat; it's nice to meet famous people and realize they're just like anyone else -- it gives me hope that I'll be able to be cool and not pass out when I meet George someday.


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