New York state of mind

Stop me if you've heard this before, but OH MY GAWD I LOVE NEW YORK CITY!!!! Even in 6 degree weather, even in the smallest noisiest room the W ever rented, even accompanied by my mother, I freakin' love New York.
  • I love it that you can talk to strangers and they don't think you're a freak, and even continue the conversation

  • I love it that there's always something to see, no matter how out of the way or small; something always catches your eye

  • I love it that there are always a bajillion cabs -- even if you can't really get one if it happens to be raining
  • I love a New York accent, New York bagels, street vendors, pushcarts, and "Hot Nuts!!!!"

  • I love doormen, and salesclerks, and the Middle Eastern salad guy at Oxford Street who said "Your mother?" when my mother was being especially pain-in-the-assy, and when I nodded said, "I'm sorry."
We saw a truly gorgeous show at Studio 54 with the enormously talented (sparkly!) (dynamic!) (little!!) Kristin Chenoweth and some hot dudes. We had tea at the Four Seasons and shopped at Fauchon for cookies. We breakfasted at Norma's one morning, and had a bagel picnic in our tiny noisy room the other -- both meals were divine!

This is a $6 Four Seasons scone (seriously: 2 for $12, & they were the size of golf balls) but it's HEART shaped!



Anonymous L.A. Daddy said...

I think it's cool that New Yorkers are so ga-ga over their city. It's rare that anyone has that kind of loyalty.

Everyone loves to make fun of LA folks. Even LA folks. Everyone not from here is always quick to proclaim they're not from here... but, of course, when they're traveling, they always announce they're from LA (never Los Angeles) just so people will look at them to see if they're famous.

Okay. Maybe that's just me.

9:28 AM  
Blogger Dew said...

I never say I'm from LA, although I do sort of vaguely say "southern California" when pressed to admit where I live now -- it's just so painful to say "Orange County", as a Bostonian.

Yeah, not a New Yorker, LA Daddy, although if it counts that both my parents are, then I'm willing to fake it! Thanks for stopping by -- I love your writing!!

10:47 PM  

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