Anna Nicole Smith is dead at 39. OD? Who knows? So sad. I don't know if I'm taking this hard because she's one of my fellow '67 babies, or because it's so sad that her baby girl will grow up without a mommy, or because I feel so bad for Howard, who so clearly adored her, but I was really stunned and depressed to hear about Anna's death. G-d knows what will happen now, with the paternity suit and the TrimSpa suit (which should be dismissed as to her, I think) and the house in the Bahamas thing....

I hope it means something that she put Howard on the birth certificate, however naive it is of me to hope so. It should mean something that she didn't name Birkhead (or "Dickhead", which is how I think of him), and that she named the baby Stern, and intended to raise her with Howard. It's gonna get ugly, that's for sure.


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