I can't do it....

I am such a wienie. I wanted to title this post "I slept with Terrence Howard," but just couldn't do it. I was going to go for "funny," because when I flew to Newark on the red-eye Friday, I was just two rows behind Terrence, in the same seat. And there was sleeping on the plane. But then I thought it would be a little icky to title it that, since I'm not a skanky ho and he's .... Oh, wait, he is kind of a playah, so maybe that's where the oog factor came in: I don't want anyone to think it might be true, failing to read further!

Anyway, 26 hours in New Jersey -- whew. Celebrated Terry's birthday last night with the whole family except Dad, which was nice. Wait: clarification! Not that it was nice that Dad wasn't there; it was nice that the whole family was there -- it was kind of a bummer that Dad wasn't, but since the surprise party is March 10 (not to worry: no one in my family knows about this blog), he wasn't going to come up twice -- no, I'm the only lunatic who showed up for the actual birthday to put her off the scent that we're having a big hoo-ha to fĂȘte her 60th!

Because I am a princess, I made Susan drive me to Hot Bagels in Fairlawn both on the way from Newark yesterday (at 6:50) and to Newark this morning (at 6:50, again; they coulda set their clocks by me!). YUM. Wow, those are damned good bagels. Sigh.


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