Incomparable sweetness

No, I am not talking about one of these:
Or even one of these:

I have a friend back east, who shall remain nameless but who knows who he is, who called me yesterday to sing "Happy Birthday" and when I expressed thanks but surprise at still getting the singing 26 days later, said, "I got you cabaret seats for The Apple Tree matinée you wanted to take your mom to!!" OH MY GOD, WHAT?!?! Who is better than you?!! That's SO nice!! SOOOOOO GENEROUS! And so sweet and thoughtful, I can't even believe it! Sold out show, and we have floor seats, man! How cool is that!?! I'll be able to reach out and put that little Kristin Chenoweth right in my pocket!! Fantastique!

I have the greatest friends in the world, and I don't just mean the splashy generous ones (although, really, in fact, even when it's not as spendy as this, all my friends are splashy and generous, in many many ways, and you don't know big hearts 'til you've met this crowd, I mean it). At the risk of sounding like a total prat, I feel so blessed.

p.s. Bonus points and maybe even a prize if you identify the items up top....


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