Of Peyton, Prince and pain perdu

Here's my consolation: at least my Pats lost to the SuperBowl champions and not some also-ran. Believe me, it's small consolation, but I have to cling to something, since it's now more than half a year 'til I get my beloved football back!!!

Oh, and also? This consoles me:
He might have won the SuperBowl.... But this guy is still our quarterbabe!!!

Ok, on to Prince: THAT LITTLE DUDE ROCKED THE HOUSE!!!!!!! Talk about screamin' guitar! Talk about the chops! Talk about workin' the cheerleader-esque backup dancers!! And... wait, never mind: let's not talk about the Aunt Jemima do-rag, and choose to remember his Purpleness in his more glamorous days, right here:

And finally, my adventures in cooking continued today with a rather non-traditional Super Bowl snack, the ham sammich made with pain perdu ("pan pare-due"), also known as French toast. (Or Freedom toast, if you're a total fool.) (No offense.)
Served warm and crispy with a light honey mustard and mayo schmear, and sizzled Black Forest ham with cheddar cheese melted on it. Holy yum-oly!!!
Peace out, y'all -- oh, and happy birthday Julia!!!!


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