Neil Entwistle is in custody at last!!!

I'm sad to say that I was never in any doubt as to whether Neil Entwistle was the person who'd killed Rachel and Lillian, but I'm glad they've
arrested him. I think it's laughable that he's not consenting to extradition -- good luck with that, pal -- especially since it's not like Massachusetts has a death penalty. Every story I've read suggests that his motive was financial -- not even like a big fat insurance policy or anything (which I guess could be a motive for killing the wife, but your own child???), but rather as a means of escaping debt and failure, etc. Loathesome.

On another note, imagine being Rachel Souza's mother, knowing that the weapon that killed your lovely daughter and gorgeous granddaughter was owned by your own husband, and apparently kept so casually that Neil Entwistle was able to get into the house, get it, use it, and return it, with no one the wiser. Unbelievable.

Lock up your guns, people. LOCK THEM UP. Get a gun cabinet, get trigger locks, and lock up your guns. I have no problem with gun ownership, per se (although I think the people who say it's the second amendment to the Constitution that gives us the right to do so need to read the language more carefully:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Note that it makes specific reference to a militia, and remember when it was written and ratified and what was going on at the time. It was clearly intended to allow the colonists to raise their own army to fight George III's forces, NOT for every Sam, Jorge, Latrelle and Buford to have AK47s, machine guns, or other assault weapons), but I believe you have to own guns responsibly. We've got a gun (for target and recreational shooting, I'm told), and B's brother owns guns with which he hunts, but gun lockers and trigger locks are axiomatic in every single instance. And I'm here to tell you, having grown up in just the sort of upper middle class suburb in Massachusetts as the Entwistles and Mattarazzos inhabit, you don't need a gun to defend your property or person, as would necessitate having the gun to hand at a moment's notice, so explain to me how Neil Entwistle got hold of it, and I'll be content. Well, no I won't, but I'm still curious.
This whole story was just heartwrenching to me, and every picture I see of that toothsome, cheery Gerber baby makes me cry. God keep you safe, Rachel and Lilly.


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