Vandalism and disrespect

This story on CNN.com (about a "prankster" on a field trip who stuck his chewed gum on the corner of this painting) caught the eye of my friend Diane and she sent it around to us. Rachel's question was whether we should be more appalled by the fact that this TWELVE year old defaced a piece of art or by the purported $1.5MM pricetag on the painting, which looks as though my 4-year-old godson did it at Alligator Art....

Diane and I both thought we'd have gotten a beating and still be paying off the cost of repair or replacement (!).

As for the notion that a 12-year-old didn't know better, that's just patently ridiculous. An 8-year-old might not understand (and frankly, I'm skeptical that anyone older than 5 wouldn't know better), but 12? Please. Punkass.


Blogger kevin said...

that was hardly a painting that i would pay 1.5 million for. i wonder what kind of penalty you enforce in that situation.

10:47 AM  
Blogger Dew said...

While I agree that $1.5MM sounds like an astronomical amount of money for a splash of blue, green and tan, in this case I do think it's the principle of the thing: we do not deface either other people's property or public art!!!

2:03 PM  

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