Scofflaw Spears Should Be Smacked

For all the gushing and squishy sentimentality (and posed photo ops) Britney Spears has subjected young Sean to, she sure is cavalier with his health and safety when it's convenient for her....

I imagine you've all seen the story about Britney's "escape" from the paparazzi, wherein she drove one-handed with her 5-month old son in her left arm. Now, first of all, 5 month-olds are wiggly, so a loose one in a moving car is a danger to himself even without any outside factors. Second, that little cutie's a pretty big guy, so he'd make a nice projectile if for any reason she had to hit the brakes suddenly or G-d forbid someone hit them while she was on Pacific Coast Highway (the scene of Gov Sch's recent motorcycle mishap), which apparently is where she drove after leaving the Starbucks parking lot.

Finally, it's a violation of CA Veh Code section 27360 to drive with a child not in a restraint system (which is spelled out in painstaking detail). Please note, Ms. Spears, "The court may require a defendant described under this section to attend an education program that includes demonstration of proper installation and use of a child passenger restraint system and provides certification to the court that the defendant has presented for inspection a child passenger restraint system that meets applicable federal safety standards." Now that you're not touring or anything, you'll have time for that.


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