This here is funny -- by way of where to go on la Red*

Sometimes I troll around on the web, reading funny things other people write. It heartens me no end that there are so many people who entertain me. I take it not as a sign that I am easily amused (although I am, and my eyes follow shiny things with rather more abandon than I think reflects my actual intelligence, but that's a sad story for another day), but that there is hope for our world because irreverant witty iconoclasts abound.

I frequently read Dooce (and you should too, although you might find her over the top; I'd also like to point out that I read her years -- literally years -- before she made her way into the NYT, so don't think I'm some g.d. faddist or nothin'), and I find that I like her links. Fan of Fussy (natcherly), big fan of Defective Yeti (see his tragicomic account of the family flu), v. big fan of finslippy, et al.

Curse you, Interweb, curse you!!! There's sooooo much to reeeeeead!!!

* That there is Spanish for the Internet, although I'm damned if I know why, even 4 months of Spanish classes later. Lo siento, y'all, pero no hablo mucho espanol.


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