But still.... (or, "I really should be sleeping right now")

Just back from dinner and hanging out with HF at his-I-mean-our fantastic apartment. Sigh. If I could ever unpack my own house, I have dreams of a place as welcoming and lovely as that place, although let's not kid ourselves that I would ever be able to keep it that uncluttered, but still.... I could have a reasonable facsimile of welcoming and lovely, albeit less tidy, couldn't I?! YES! (We'll see.)

Took a buncha pix of ESB and water towers (cisterns?) today and yesterday, which is fab, and I can't wait to see how they'll turn out. Walked around a bit this evening, waiting for HF to get out of the salt mines, and resisted buying anything but a watchband at Macy's Herald Square, yay me, and you have no idea
how many purses that place has, so you really should applaud me!!! I know I've told you how much I love NY, but still....

So, I forgot to say the other night that I met Brad on Friday night after work for a pint, which was great. It's unbelievable to me that we've known each other for nearly 25 years, but there it is, man. Whoa. Next visit, I'll have to meet Charlotte -- it's a little ridiculous that she's a toddler and I've only seen her in photos! -- and see Karen, which will be fun too. As it was, he had to bail after only about an hour and a half. Yes, yes, I know he has a family to get home to, but still.... it was way too short to catch up.

Had breakfast with Schmoopy this morning; he's interviewing at Moody's and is so great that I know he'll get the gig in their product marketing group and will leave us, but it's a really first-rate opportunity for him, so I can't begrudge him his upward trajectory. But still.... I'll miss him!

Lunch with Ron @ Pig & Whistle was nice; I was mocked for my springtime attire but paid him no mind. It's so fun spending time with him, even if I do feel it's borrowed.... (I'll spare you the "but still" there if you promise to act as though you read it anyway.)

I must go to sleep now, since my flight is at o'dark fifteen, but I'll backtrack and regale you with Saturday night's adventures another time. Kiss kiss, and pleasant dreams, y'all.


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