Estoy de vuelta a la manzana grande, mijos

Back in the Big Apple, for the non-Spanish readers in the audience. Just got back from a rawther long day, but so excited to be here, as usual, that I could stay awake for another 12 hours and not even notice!

Arrived on time this morning on the red-eye from San Francisco. It's simply amazing how different the overnight crowd is from SF than from LA. This was made even more apparent when our arriving flight dispersal through JFK crossed paths with the arriving LAX red-eye, with its bevy of blondies and their
Juicy matched ensembles, Birkins, pneumatic ta-tas and Ugg boots splashed out all over the dawning NY day like so many Barbies dumped out of a big ol' Malibu Dream House. Meanwhile, the SF flight, self included, staggered out into the grey dawn, all clad in black and comfortable (if spendy) shoes, clutching laptops, cellies, Blueberries of one model or another, and all our black luggage, making beelines for taxis in the queue while the Barbies struggled to read the dozens of printed names in the hands of the United Nations of limo and town car drivers awaiting their pampered clients. (Don't get me wrong: given the right circumstances, I'm all about the car meeting me at the kerb -- hello, London! -- but at Kennedy it just seems a little too precious, considering you never wait more than 3.5 minutes, if that, for a cab.)

Anywho: got to Lili's, showered, and fell into bed for what I thought would be a refreshing 3-hour snooze before work. Shyeah. Did I mention I didn't bring an alarm clock, so I had to keep my phone on? Susan called. Twice. We made dinner plans. HF texted. I had a question, so I texted back and he texted back. Eli called. Ok. Nap over, went into work. I could so work in the NY office -- I love it there! -- especially since it's just a 7 minute walk to 875 Third Avenue! That's where I went for lunch, meeting HF and having a delicious and entertaining lunch at
Bunchberries. Saw both Eli & Robbo at the office, in passing. They are, of course, all, as fabulous as ever.

Had a good, productive day at work, although it's definitely nutty to be 3 hours ahead of everyone back in CA (I know, I know, I travel enough that the time difference shouldn't even register by now, but still, it does). Met Dad, Terry, Susan, Julia and Terry's cousin Linda for dinner at
La Gioconda, which was quite good despite the rather lackadaisical service. Dinner was fun, and Julia looks extremely neat with pink hair (blonde + Crayola red + 2 weeks' hair-washing = pink!), even if Dad hates it.

What did I ever do before texting?!?! Dunno. Anyway, text msg to HF brought him downstairs and we walked him home, taking Madison from 52nd to 37th, admiring purses and shoes and architecture on our way. It took about an hour to go about a mile, which gives you some idea of our pace: pokeyyyyy! We had a good walk, though, and I left him on his corner and took a cab back here, where Mom awaited me, sleeping. Woke her up to chat for a little while, then settled in to document the day.

There it is.
I LOVE NEW YORK, like craaaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaazyyyyyyyy. But now I've been up for a wicked long time, and tomorrow's a workday, so it's off to phone Bryan and go to sleep! Peace & skyscrapers, baby!


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