Chag Sameach (Happy Passover, y'all)

Just got back from a great seder at Noofie's house in Jackson Heights. The Jewish mothers were outnumbered by their children and nieces and friends' children, but just barely. Noofie, Mom, Stephanie, Vicki and Shirl were the adult members of the group, and Roland, Neil, Cara, Robin, Jennifer and I represented the "kids." Noofie usually has the seder catered, but this time, the lamb, salmon, chicken, latkes, veggies, and full complement of seder paraphernalia were all done by "the kids" -- I may have ruined my dress frying potato pancakes but frankly it's a very small sacrifice 'cause OH MUH GAWD were those things faaaaaaanfreakin'tastic!!!! (The trick, in case you've now got a yen for latkes, is to really really really squeeze the living daylights out of the grated potatoes and onions, so that when you add the beaten egg and flour you're really creating almost a dough-y product to fry.)

Spent the day with Mom apart from a quick run to Duane Reade by MadSqGar this morning and a skip across town to drop off a care package (and two umbrellas -- ha ha) for HF, who is home sick. Colored Mom's hair, which looks great -- she has excellent hair, and the color really freshens and brightens her face, plus which it's so healthy to use those semi-permanent colors, it's amazing. We had "the talk", too, or at least part I of it -- the rest is going to come tomorrow. I just can't deal with the ledger, is what it boils down to. Earlier postings that may make you think differently notwithstanding, I am a good daughter (comes from being a good person, which is exactly what she raised me to be), and I'm tired of being made to feel otherwise, just because I moved to California and got married and am happy! I know: how dare me! What. Everrrrr.

Time for bed, after the call home. Spoke with HF earlier, poor sick baby, and he was very very cute in his appreciation of the care bag -- said it choked him up. Sweet. Pleasant dreams, my friends. Peace.


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