Just got an e-mail from Mihal!!!! Too flooded with tears of relief and rapture to type much more than this, but although she's still got CLL/SLL, her lymph nodes have been described as merely "pesky," and she should be able to live symptom-free for decades (DECADES, do you hear me?!?!), with only a yearly CAT scan and a healthy awareness of and respect for whatever it is her lymph nodes are doing from day to day. So, she does still have cancer, but as she says "as a chronic disease it's equivalent to having asthma or migraines or a small cancerous skin spot. It is not life threatening! It is best left with nothing done. No treatment, no medicines, no operations. NO ACTION NEEDED."

Thank you thank you, G-d, assorted other peoples' gods and goddesses, everyone who loves Mihal (or loves me and reads the blog) and put out good energy for her. Hallelujah and let us sing and laugh, and throw our hair around and by GOD dance dance dance!!!


Blogger Ryan said...

This rug has been cut! Glad to hear the good news.

10:26 AM  

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