My brother!!

Isn't it funny how you get to the advanced age of 38 (er, I mean 32, of course) and still manage to find people with whom you just "click" immediately??

My work managing litigation matters for my employer, a financial services company, means that I interact almost daily with outside counsel at about a half-dozen reputable law firms around the country. So I "meet" people on the phone who are doing work for us, and sometimes I get to know them and make friends, etc. It's how I met Rob and HF, for example, as well as other people I like a lot but spend less time with.

So recently, working on a couple of cases back east for a former subsidiary of ours, I "met" this lawyer named Will. He's my age, from California, works in DC and VA, nice married guy with a great sense of humor and a startling and uncanny habit of saying the same things I do and thinking the way I do. I've begun to joke that we're evil twins, separated somehow in the cosmos, only to meet as adults.

Here's just one example, which I found hilarious and hope you enjoy. I had dinner last night, as you know, with Dad; Terry; Terry's cousin; Susan, and Julia, right next door to HF's office building, after I went to a seminar on New York's rules of civil procedure (which change annually). Trying to connect with Will during the day, unsuccessfully, I left him a voicemail telling him I wouldn't be available after whatever time because I was having dinner with my Daddy. I then paused, and added, "By which I mean my father, not some sugar daddy or anything gross.... Now, I know you're laughing at that, so you can stop!" and a couple of hours later, I get this message from Will, in which he starts laughing midway through, saying, "And yes, you were right, I appreciated the clarification that you were having dinner with your father and not your sugar daddy, and I was laughing right when you said I'd be laughing, and it made me laugh even harder!" Nice.

Other nice thing, that I just thought of anew upon waking: walking home with HF last night, window-shopping along Mad. Siiiigh. And have I mentioned lately how much I love NY?!


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