NY giggle -- baaahahahahahahahaha

For whatever reason (prolly 'cause I'm light-headed or something), this caught me square on the funny-bone, and I thought you might enjoy it, too. Apart from the fact that when I left NYC on Monday, it was a friggin' freeeeeeeeezing 15 degrees (that's Fahrenheit, for my readers in Oz), and I shudder to think it might have been that cold yesterday, too, I'd just like to say "hee hee hee hee hee" and tip my hat (ok, I'm not wearing a hat; let's call it a metaphor or something) to Charlie Todd and his band of merry pantsters... Pranksters. Heh.

p.s. Yes, yes, part of it is that underpants are just funny. I'm juvenile. Sue me.


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