Beautiful bride, handsome groom, dateline NYC, West side

..."interesting" ceremony....

It was actually very nice, on the whole, although the entire place was choking on sage smoke at the beginning, which I happen to think is a less-than-auspicious way to begin the proceedings, but what do I know? Staid, ordinary me whose processional was Pachelbel, while this wedding's bride marched to the theme from Star Trek: Next Generation. Mm hm.

She did look gorgeous, though, I'll grant that: ivory duchesse satin dress, strapless, big A-line with a long skirt that sort of bustled later, and the top and bottom trimmed in a 2 1/2" band of crimson satin, with a corset back lined in the same red, so it showed in a V in the middle of her back. Really lovely, especially because she's a natural blonde, with very fair skin. Pretty, pretty. And Mr. Groom looked excellent in his attire, too, although I uncharitably kept wondering if he got a discount because his last wedding was so relatively recent. Meow. "Saucer of milk, table for one!"

Good tunes, excellent songs sung by family members (although I'm beginning to agree with Bryan that I wouldn't mind if gravity suddenly quit working on "Sir" ALW, and all his music....), and yummy varied food. Good times, even if the temperature did drop from 55 to 30 while we were there!!! Brrrrrrrr!!!

Must sleep now, since I'm meeting Chris & Stephanie at Norma's at 8 in the morning!!


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