Whoa, NELLIE!!!!

Although (unlike some) I can, in fact, touch-type, courtesy of Rosalind Smoller, typing teacher extraordinaire at Brookline High School, this little item scares the freakin' bejeezus outta me. And yet... and yet.... I am strangely enchanted by it, even entranced a little.... Beguiled, if you will. It's like a gauntlet has been thrown.

If my posts start looking like this: O jsbr gpthpyyrm jpe yp ypivj-yu[r@@ (bonus points if you decode that), you'll know I've succumbed to the allure.

What am I doing here?! I have some 4,761 presents to go wrap, for Gawd's sake!! Stop reading! The more you read, the more I'll write! Ok, that's a lie. Sorry. Fact is, I think about writing some twenty-five times a week, but, as you know (or have noticed), I write about 3 times a month. Whoopsie.


Blogger Special Agent O.C. Idol said...

I have forgotten how to touch-type!! What do I get?

Also, for accuracy's sake, wouldn't it actually be "ypivj0yu[r@@" or "ypivj=yu[r@@"? ;-)

6:49 PM  
Blogger Dew said...

You get an electronic photo from my 20th h.s. reunion as soon as I bring in the film to be developed.

8:35 PM  

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