Is there anybody out there?

Is there anyone at all? I put a counter on here to see whether anyone besides me and the half-dozen people to whom I've given this url are reading this opus, and I see it's up over 800, but apart from a handful of comments (mostly from Di and a couple from entertaining strangers), I usually feel like I'm talkin' to myself over here.

Funnily, this is a common lament: lack of feedback was one of the things the fantastic Ayelet Waldman said made her blogging somewhat unsatisfying (of course, she, unlike me, got a column on Salon.com, to assuage her need to chronicle the vagaries of life. She's also a novelist, so writing is her "thing" on a daily basis, which I must tell you I'm bowled over by, not just because it stuns me that someone so funny and wry can hang a plot together and develop characters and hold me in suspense and all, but because she does it all while momming four kids aged 4-11, and being happily married [to Michael Chabon], too). (Whoa, that was the mother of all parentheticals, wasn't it? Even for me!)

Anyway, what was my point? Oh yeah: just who's reading this
screed?? C'mon, 'fess up! Ping me, even if it's just once. Does something make you grin? Chuckle? Guffaw? Snort? Fume? Hiss? Learn somethin'? Read somethin' else? Roll your eyes up so far in your head you're gonna sue me for getting them stuck up there? Make ya say "hmmmm"? Anything at all?? Ok, well, I've gotta go make lasagna for the men, so that's it for today.


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