I have excellent taste; I mean, really superior. I do!

I don't mean to brag or anything, and I don't want anyone to get nauseated, but I am thoroughly chuffed right now, in spite of being more than a little exhausted from my whirlwind tour of NY and D.C. (Oh, and a side note: if you're ever looking for somewhere to stay just around Washington? May I highly recommend the Ritz Carlton Pentagon City? It's GOOOOD. It does, admittedly, help to have a corporate rate, but in any event, thumbs way up.)

Wednesday night I got to meet both Will and Dan!!! Yes!!! [Low note: Steve stood us up. On the other hand, it waaaas his anniversary, and his mom waaaaas in town, and he diiiiiid feel sick, so he gets a pass. Besides which, he's actually working on work for us, so I guess it would have been inappropriate to have him out for drinkies when he should have been billing time. Yeah, drinkies are strictly non-billable, sorry, boys.] Anyway! Will and Dan! Fabulous!! Both just as peachy delightful in person as they've been all this time on the phone (although how hilarious was it that Will, on the phone that afternoon, said, "I'm not sure we should meet in person" which was exactly what I'd been thinking?! Too weird), and what's more -- and I have to say I was simply tickled by this, in some way that I haven't quite processed yet but I suspect may hint at a Buffy de Rothschild von Nightmare hostess/social maven thing latent in me -- they got along with each other like a house afire!! What a pleasant and convivial evening, I tell you! Sigh. Happiness. I have excellent taste in people, as I said at the outset. Feel free to rush for the Pepto now.

I'll fill in the blanks between 11/5 and today in a jiffy, but now I must go deal with reunion-related backlogged e-mail. Gah. Gawd help me. More on that in a much later post. (I may start drinking again.)

Oh, and p.s., try this on for size: "Don't go changin'....to try and please me...." Yeah, good luck with that.


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