Call me petty, go ahead

The whole recent whirl of nonsense around Paris Hilton's jail time, home confinement, and back to jail time has raised my blood pressure to near-stroke levels. I can't help but be thoroughly psyched that she's back in [what passes for] the slammer, and wish there were some way to make her serve a year, rather than the whopping 3 weeks she'll actually "do" in county lockup, more than half of which will likely be in the medical ward or solitary confinement. When she was released to her home, I was stunned, in light of the trial judge's very specific prohibition against just that very sentence for her, and I anticipated that there would be some sort of explosion, but not what its end result would be.

Here's the sad truth of the matter: Paris Hilton, for reasons entirely mysterious (and copmpletely befuddling) to me, is, in fact, a role model and style icon to thousands of girls, as are Lindsay Lohan and the rest of the blow-jobbing, ketamine-popping, cocaine-snorting lot of those marginally talented bits of fluff floating around Hollywood these days (Lohan actually being the saddest example of the crowd because she actually seems to be somewhat more than marginally talented but is quite possibly being driven to the grave by her poor choices, most of which I daresay stem from the shittier-than-shitty so-called "parenting" she's gotten from her tawdry opportunistic mother and alcoholic amoral father). Every time one of these women gets a DUI or a possession charge or a reckless driving crime knocked down to a misdemeanor and serves little or no time and gets the judicial equivalent of a shaken finger, she moves closer to death, as do any of the girls who admire or idolize her and thinks it's "cool" to follow in her footsteps. It grieves me, even while it sickens me that we have no better offerings, because the paparazzi don't make famous the athletes or brainiacs or young actresses who are home (alone) in bed at 11 o'clock of an evening, rather than out parading panty-less in and out of one club or another.

I also flat out cannot understand why New York and California's Alcoholic Beverages Commissions aren't sending enforcement officers out to these clubs, where alcohol is so clearly being served to minors, with disastrous results. What I also want to see is the next person who files a civil suit against one of the DUI beauties add the establishment(s) where s/he drank to the complaint, along with the members of the entourage who are over 21. When it starts hitting their wallets, maybe they'll come around. I just hope it's before the next innocent bystander is killed (cf, Lane Garrison's manslaughter conviction -- or was it a plea? -- whatev).


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