Paris, partie deux

Ok, so where was I? Ah: safely back from London laaaaaaate Monday night, I did not relish getting up at 7:30 Tuesday morning for our cooking class with Paule Caillat, but I did, and we had a great day learning to make cheese souffle, poulet normandaise, and tarte tatin, as well as making a delightful new friend, Karen, who lives in Canberra. Once again, we walked our feet off, taking a 2 1/2 hour jaunt to Paule's house (because our map didn't show street numbers so we took the waaaaaaaaaaay long way over to Rue du Temple, where she lives & works), and walking all around after the cooking class, learning to shop the Parisian way. So fun. SO fun!!! Had dinner Chez Diep, which I didn't enjoy much: it was Chinese, sort of dim-sum-y, and everything was jussssst a little undercooked and not quite hot enough. Bleah. We did, however, sit at a table next to a completely hot French DILF-type fellow, dining with his sons and mother. Yow. Most French men that we saw, I'd like to note, were puny in the extreme. Amy at 5'6 1/2" and even I at 5'5" just towered over them. Not so sexy.

Wednesday was our loaf-about-like-slugs day, since we slept 'til 11:30, zut alors! I raced out to meet Jacqueline and Amy raced out to get her hair cut at Alexandre, over on Avenue de Matignon. We met Karen at Notre Dame at 3:00 and spent the afternoon and evening waaaaalking walking walking and doing a bit of shopping. Had dinner at a decent little Italian place after the brasserie at which we'd asked to have dinner reservations that night turned out not to be where Marilynn had said, so we missed it entirely -- grrr! Paris by night is extra beautiful, though, I must say.

On Thursday we went to Galeries Lafayette after visiting the Opera House and shopping on Rue de la Paix, and shopped a little more, then I went and met my work friend, Leo, who works in our Paris office (he spent years in CA in international marketing, left the company for awhile, and now is back, seemingly enjoying himself), for coffee. It was really great, again, to just speak French and switch to English, and back again, fluidly. Plus it really threw the girls next to us who were eavesdropping shamelessly -- baaahahahahaha! We had a great dinner that night at Le Pamphlet, which you should really try if you find yourself in Paris. Delicious, and really first-class service (which, let's not kid ourselves, you don't always get in any big city, Paris not excepted!).

Friday was (stop me if you've heard this before) again largely a shopping day, although we went to the Arc de Triomphe which I love. We walked, as usual, for hours, but we also took the Metro, which was cool. After a frustrating day trying to get back in touch with Karen, we finally made contact and met her at Le Market for dinner, then Amy went back to the hotel and Karen and I walked allllllllllll the way to the Eiffel Tower, arriving at 11 just in time to see it twinkle like mad, an extravaganza that they've done on the hour at night since the millenium celebration there -- it's gorgeous but unfortunately my camera didn't capture it worth shit. Bummer, man, but hey, at least I've got the memory to sustain me!

Well, that's it, my chickens: the whole tour. Scroll down to read of our Saturday and Sunday adventures, because, yes indeed I published out of order. Tough it.


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