Congratulations, Kris & Mike!!!

Our friends Kristina and Mike got hitched yesterday evening in Laguna Beach, in a very sweet, very brief ceremony in the fading daylight at 7 Degrees, a multi-media art gallery and event space. They looked gorgeous and were deliriously happy, as was everyone in attendance. They had a great reception at the gallery, whose specialty is multi-media presentations, so they had filmed an MTV cribs spoof (the highlight of which was the camera pan over Kris's "posse," her mom (Julie) and grandma (Toshiko), who said, "Wassup?" when the camera stopped on her. NICE. They also did a slideshow containing wedding pictures of all their married wedding guests (yep, we obligingly submitted a pic; I'll post it) that ran in a loop throughout the reception. They also did a show thanking their wedding party, using all the pix they could find from a lifetime spent with these friends and family -- very touching -- as well as a pictoral tribute to Kris's late grandpa George. Oh! And they did an "E! True Hollywood Story" narrated with panache by Kris's cousin Rob, who's the ABC sports guy down here -- suuuuper funny. Great presentations, very imaginative, and a wonderful showcase for their senses of humor (as well as pix of some of the biggest hair and glasses you've ever seen in your life).

We took a couple of cute pix, but I'll only publish this cropped one 'til I get permission from our friends!

This will be good to use in our anniversary book, too -- wow! Four years come Friday!!


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