It's official: I'm mad about my eyebrows. Got the new specs, which you've seen (kindly ignore the Nose that Ate Tokyo), and decided that since they're so bold and straight across what would be the Unibrow of the Century if left to its own devices, I needed to get in and groom the F outta that business. So now I'm at my arches with a tweezer every blessed day.... The pictures will tell the tale, come Sunday night. (Gotta get purty for Kris & Mike's nuptials, what what.) (Actually, come to that, it makes me wonder why people dress up for weddings: ain't nobody there to look at you, after all. It's all about the bride & groom, and the love, and the hoo ha. And yet, we sure do, don't we? Dress the HELL up to go to weddings. Interesting.)

Let me hasten to say there's nothing whatsoever with having a Bert brow. I like Bert. Really! Personality-wise, I'm probably more Ernie or Grover, but I'm a big fan of Bert's. Now there's a question for the masses (which is to say, the dozens): with which Muppet do you most closely identify, and why? [Spelling counts, as does the degree to which your answers entertain me and enlighten the dozens.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ooo, I sympathize with your eyebrow dilemma. Finally broke down and went the waxing route ($10 with the little Oriental lady at my nail salon). MUCH better than the tweezers!

4:54 PM  
Blogger Dew said...

Thank you, anon, but I do both.... Wax to get every scrap and spare no follicle, then tweeze tweeze tweeze to maintain. But I do the waxing in the privacy of my own bathroom, where only the man lucky enough to be married to me can hear me scream.

(p.s. People are Asian; food and furniture are Oriental.)

9:59 PM  
Blogger Di said...

Girl, I hope Miss Piggy counts because I am SO her! Hi-YA!

9:26 PM  

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