Little Ben

When we were in London in the fall, Eli made a joke that will haunt him as long as he's friends with the trial team: while running past Westminster with Josh and Curt, he looked at the clock tower and said, "Hey, is that Big Ben?" Naturally, Curt gave him the sarcastic reply "No, that's Little Ben; there's a much bigger one they keep further down the river" (or something like that -- I was probably sleeping when all this took place, mind you). Anyway, of course it became a biiiiiig joke, and I found this very cool antique photo that I had mounted and framed for Eli for his birthday, but when I went back to London, I took a bus tour and snapped this pic, which I like so much that a) I had it made into notecards and b) I wanted to post it here, now that I'm learning how to add photos.

"Little Ben," as seen from a moving tourbus on a frigid December afternoon. Posted by Hello


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