Gimme a B...gimme an I...gimme an R....gimme a T....Screw it: Happy birthday to ME!

And let me say a resounding "THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU CUTE CUTIES AND SWEET SWEETIES" who remembered muh birfday!!! You know who you are; yes, yes, you who didn't remember know who you are, too, AND I love you even though I was sad not to talk to you today or hear you sing or whatever. Kiss, kiss. Big hugs, and let me say, for a host of reasons, I have squishtacular mates. Just wanna hug 'em and squeeze 'em and feed 'em pudding.

We just got back from Ruth's Chris; mebbe it'll kill me before my time, but I do love me some filet mignon, y'all. Say you don't, and I'll call you a LIAR! Ok, well, say you don't and be Hindu, and I will leave off with the LIAR-calling. Dinner was so good, and my husband, as I've said before, is a perfect peach of a human, and my friends are gorgeous and lovable and expressive and delicious, so it has been a fine day. Here's an excerpt of just one e-mail I got, which knocked me right out: "Just thinking about you having a special day brings a smile to my face (which you would see if you were here). For all the happiness you give to me and others, please accept my thoughts of friendship for you today." Isn't that simply darling?? I do have the best people in my life, I really do (yes, yes, Sally Field-like goo, but IT'S MY BIRTHDAY AND I'LL GUSH IF I WANT TO!).

I got to talk to Tanya and Josh and Eli and Hermann and Dana and Russ and my family and my homies from work, and Audrey sang "Happy Birthday" to me (even if she did call me "Grandma" because she's only 3 and sometimes the phone is still confusing), and I got cards and e-cards and sooooooo many presents and my gosh it was just an absolute embarrassment of riches, is what. Awesome. It takes a bit of the sting out of being the only 31-year-old born in 1967. (Shup. Did I NOT say it's my damned birthday and I'll LIE if I want to?!?!)

K, more soon, but now it's time for slllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeping. Or programming my brand-new silver mini iPod so it can go to sleep in its brand new red-and-purple leather Kate Spade case.... Spoiled? Maybe. But aren't I worth it? Aren't we all?!?!


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