Flash from the past

Looky here: I found the first blog post I ever ever ever wrote, ever. It was on the website of a former friend, and here it is, with edits to remove his name:

So. The Internet. Plus me. {Insert diabolical laugh here.} Thanks to the generosity and possible foolhardiness of one [Former Friend], compudude extraordinaire and lovely human being, I have a podium for my madness. I won't say forum, 'cause it's [FF]'s forum, but here I am live and in person. People can read what I write. I can become one of the wackos of the web, if I wanna. Or a poet. Witty raconteur (which should really be raconteuse except that there's no such word. Damn it.). Biting social commentator. Common tater. Hideous would-be comedienne. Etc.

Is there any pressure to be profound? Can I settle for meaningful? Or even merely interesting? Will simply well-written suffice, in a pinch? Puzzlers all. I shall away to think on these things.


Blogger Stone said...

The beauty of this is that there is no pressure.

I feel that all a person needs to do is be himself/herself. It takes a lot of courage for some people to do that, and if you can present your thougths comfortably, that's profound in itself.


12:44 AM  

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